AccuAir 2018 - Present (JL Platform) Jeep Wrangler Air Suspension System (AA-4104)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Packages
These kits are Made To Order and ship directly from the supplier in 5-10 business days. Find adventure with our advanced and proven custom 2018...

AccuAir Ultimate Air Suspension Package (AA-3838)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Packages
If you are looking for the most comprehensive and technologically advanced air suspension system management kit on the market, AccuAir’s Ultimate Package is for...

AccuAir ENDO-T Air Tank (AA-3708)

AccuAir Air Management Air Tanks
Every good air suspension kit should have a high-quality air tank to store the air produced by the air pumps. The AccuAir ENDO-T tank...

AccuAir ENDO-VT Air Tank (AA-3642)

AccuAir Air Management Air Tanks
Every good air suspension kit should have a high quality air tank to store the air produced by the air pumps. Most air tanks...

AccuAir Pressure+ Upgrade (AA-3907)

AccuAir Air Management Pressure Switches & Gauges
Features Shows Individual Spring Pressure Requires A Pressure-Based Calibration To Be Performed From The App Used In Conjunction With A Pressure Sensor Kit Uses...

AccuAir 70 Amp Power Supply Kit (AA-3672)

Accessories AccuAir Air Management
AccuAir Suspension 70 amp power supply kits include a 25 ft. of 6 AWG wire, a weather-proof fuse holder, 70 amp fuse, and 90...

AccuAir 3/8" DOT/PTC Fitting Kit (AA-3646)

If you are installing airlines on your air suspension kit, there are a few things you are going to need to make sure you...

AccuAir VU4 4-Corner Manifold NPT (AA-3644)

AccuAir knows the importance of a high quality valve manifold and that is why we have developed the VU4 valve manifolds for your air...

AccuAir E+Connect Wireless Controller (AA-3639)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Controllers
If you are looking for an entry level control system that is simple while offering smartphone capabilities, the e+ Connect wireless controller is a...

AccuAir Height+ Upgrade (AA-3641)

Accessories AccuAir Air Management
If you are wanting to get your vehicle to a certain height for parking, driving, or racing, you can AccuAir’s Height+ TruPosition Height Sensors....

AccuAir TouchPad+ Upgrade (AA-3640)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Controllers
AccuAir’s patented TouchPad+ is the latest technology in air suspension management. This touchpad allows you to easily control your air suspension from the palm...

AccuAir Leader in Automotive Air Suspension

Since 2001, AccuAir Suspension has delivered next-generation air suspension control for an ever-expanding range of vehicles. The company has made a place for itself in the suspension industry by designing and manufacturing some of the most accurate air suspension controllers and systems in the entire world.

The advanced technology AccuAir systems employ delivers a consistently comfortable ride. Each product is designed to be easy to use, simple to install, and built to last. The company’s technology and build quality have been tested across more than 40,000 vehicles over the last 10 years.

Now, AccuAir offers an extensive array of air suspension products across several categories.


The e+Connect wireless controller is one of AccuAir’s most popular products. While most controllers for air suspension systems are hardwired with simple controllers, the e+Connect controller you get wireless control of your system. You’ll also get additional functionality by way of the AccuAir e+ app. 


AccuAir’s e+Height upgrade allows drivers to adjust to a specific ride height with just the push of a button. Users can make incremental adjustments to their ride height and set three height settings in the system memory and jump straight to them. 

This system also features a visual height indication to let you know exactly where your ride is sitting. You can also use this feature to find and remember the optimal ride for a given situation.


The Pressure+ TruPosition Sensors from AccuAir allow you to get your vehicle height to exactly where you want it, whether for driving, racing, or simply parking. These high-tech sensors are among the most precise on the market and deliver accurate readings regardless of the load currently on your vehicle. 

Pressure+ sensors are also programmable, allowing for three pre-set ride heights.This allows drivers to return to their ideal settings for different situations at the touch of a button. These sensors can also be integrated into a larger e+Connect system, where you can use the e+ app to get real-time pressure data.


The e-Level+ kit is AccuAir’s most popular system for air suspension management. The system gives you the ability to monitor, control, and calibrate your air suspension system wirelessly via the e+ app on your mobile phone.


AccuAir has earned its reputation for dependable quality across its entire range of products, but perhaps the one product line with the biggest impact on the suspension industry is its ENDO air tanks. These air suspension tanks feature precision-manufactured aluminum components with a weld-free design to ensure maximum durability and a long-lasting leak-free experience. 

For those looking for an all-in-one solution, AccuAir also offers the ENDO-VT line. Rather than requiring a separate valve manifold, these kits have the valves built into the design. This enables a cleaner fit and easier setup. 

4x4 Offroad

AccuAir engineers are nearly finished AccuAir’s newest premium air suspension category, the 4x4 Offroad line. These rugged air suspensions are in the final stages of development and set to offer an unbeatable combination of comfort and off-road performance. 


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