VIAIR Dual 380C Air Compressor Kit - Stealth Black

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The VIAIR 380C Dual Performance Value Pack is ideal for air suspension systems capable of providing a maximum of 200 PSI and a 100%...

AccuAir 2018 - Present (JL Platform) Jeep Wrangler Air Suspension System (AA-4104)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Packages
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AccuAir Ultimate Air Suspension Package (AA-3838)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Packages
If you are looking for the most comprehensive and technologically advanced air suspension system management kit on the market, AccuAir’s Ultimate Package is for...

Air Management Packages | Air Suspension Parts

Air management packages allow drivers to adjust the air pressure in their air suspension systems. As a result, they can alter the height and resistance of their suspension to adapt to different situations.

How Do Air Management Packages Work?

Air management packages work by combining all the components needed to create a user-controlled, adjustable air suspension system. Once installed, drivers can use one of several types of controllers to make manual adjustments to their suspension or, in many cases, use presets.

Air Management Packages: What’s Included

An air management package should come with everything you need to add an adjustable air system to your vehicle. That means that they typically come with dozens of parts. The most important of those components include:

  • Manifold: Also referred to as a valve block, this unit serves as your system’s manager by regulating how much air is delivered to which components.
  • Air tank: Sometimes called an air reservoir, the air tank stores the pressurized air used to inflate the system.
  • Air compressor: Similar to a compressor you’d find in an auto shop or garage, the air compressor in an active suspension system generates pressurized air and delivers it to the air tank.
  • Supply lines: Air suspension systems use durable rubber hoses to carry air to and from the air springs, valve block, compressor, and air tank.
  • Controller: The controller is the user interface that allows a driver to adjust their air system.

Types of Air Management Controllers

There are several types of controllers that you’ll find in air management packages, ranging from old-school push-button systems to high-tech systems you can operate from your smartphone.

Manual Switch Controllers

Controllers that use manual switches are the traditional way to adjust an air system. Often mounted somewhere in the car such as the center console, drivers make adjustments by pushing physical buttons. 

Wired Air Management Controllers

Some more advanced physical controllers feature additional buttons that offer more precise adjustability. When they are hardwired into the system, they are typically stored in places such as the glove box or center console when not in use. 

App-Enabled Air Management Controllers

The most advanced controllers on the market take advantage of Bluetooth technology to allow you to control your air ride with an app on your smartphone. These controllers offer the most precision and don’t require any modifications to the interior of your vehicle to be installed.

How to Find the Right Air Management Package

There are a few things to consider when choosing an air management package for your vehicle.

  • Type of controller: Newer Bluetooth-enabled wireless controllers offer unprecedented levels of control and function, but some people prefer the simplicity of manual buttons. Decide which type of control system suits you best.
  • Capacity: Different vehicles and different purposes require different amounts of pressurized air. A reserve tank that’s too small or an underpowered compressor can result in a system that doesn’t adequately support your vehicle.
  • Included components: While there are just several main components to an air management system, there is also a lot of hardware and wiring required to install it. Be sure that the air management package you buy comes with everything you need to get it up and running in your vehicle.

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With systems as complex as air management packages, you may need a little assistance. If that’s the case, you can count us to be here. Whether you need help choosing the best air management package for your vehicle and purpose or guidance on installing it, you can always reach out to our experts. Just pick up the phone and call or use the online chat assistant on our website.

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