AccuAir E+Connect Wireless Controller (AA-3639)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Controllers
If you are looking for an entry level control system that is simple while offering smartphone capabilities, the e+ Connect wireless controller is a...

AccuAir TouchPad+ Upgrade (AA-3640)

AccuAir Air Management Air Management Controllers
AccuAir’s patented TouchPad+ is the latest technology in air suspension management. This touchpad allows you to easily control your air suspension from the palm...

Air Management Controllers

Air suspension systems in cars allow drivers to do a wide range of things, such as adding extra support for heavy loads or raising and lowering their vehicle. But none of that is possible without air management controllers. Controllers allow drivers to adjust their air suspensions to achieve the effect they’re after.

What Are Air Management Controllers?

Air management controllers are the user interface for air management systems. While there are several types of air management systems used for different purposes, all controllers serve the same purpose: they allow a driver to have control over their air suspension system.

To understand how air system controllers are useful, it’s good to know how the systems themselves work:

  • The user sends a signal to the air management system, telling it to inflate or deflate one or more air springs.
  • If the driver wants to lower the vehicle, air is released from one or more of the air springs.
  • If the driver wants to raise the vehicle or increase the air pressure, the system instructs the air compressor to generate the amount of air needed to do the job. It then sends that air to the reserve tank.
  • At the same time, air is pushed out of the reserve tank through the air supply lines and into the air springs.

As you can see, there are several other components that do the work of adjusting your air springs. An air management controller, however, is what allows you to decide which adjustments to make.

Types of Air Management Controllers

You’ll find a wide range of products when you shop for air management controllers online or in stores. However, most of these fit into just a few categories.

Manual Air Management Controllers

Manual controllers are the classic solution for air management. These usually use switches or knobs. Sometimes, they allow users to establish one or more presets. 

These sometimes come in the form of switch boxes that feature multiple switches as a user control interface. Others are simply just one switch.

Digital Air Management Controllers

The newest type of air system controllers is actually an app. Some systems can now connect to your mobile phone or tablet. You can use the app to easily make any adjustment you’d like from your phone. Many of these apps also offer live diagnostic readings of your system, allowing you to spot small problems before they become big ones.

Some of these digital controllers require a wired USB or Lightning connection. Others are able to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

How to Buy the Best Air Management Controller

When you’re looking to find the best air management controller, make sure you’re getting the best air management controller for you. No matter how well-made an air controller is, it’s not a good one if it doesn’t fit your needs and style.

Manual Air Management Controller Advantages

Manual air controllers have several advantages for users. These include:

  • Simple interface
  • No additional screen
  • Can be cleanly integrated into vehicle interior

Digital Air Management Controller Advantages

On the other hand, air management controllers that use apps also have some distinct advantages:

  • Precise control
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • Allows for multiple presets

How to Buy a High-Quality Air Management Controller

Whichever controller you decide is right for you, you want to make sure that it will work and work for as long as you need it to work. There are a few things to look for that can tell you whether a controller is worth buying:

  • App reviews: If you’re looking into a digital air management controller, reviews of the app for that system can give you insight into how well they work. Some companies work hard to ensure a seamless experience. Others are just hoping to make a sale.
  • Everything you need: For most controllers, you’ll need at least a few pieces of hardware to complete the installation. Leaving these out is an easy way for some less reputable companies to cut their costs and offer a lower price point, leaving the customer to foot the bill. Make sure the controller kit you buy comes with everything you need to make it work.
  • Product guarantee: A manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee is a sign that they are confident that their product will work. It’s also a nice insurance policy to have if something does go wrong.

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