Here at, we are huge fans of companies that make the products we carry. As a result, we like to occasionally spotlight them to show off all of the things that make them great. 

This time around, it’s AccuAir, makers of some of the most popular air suspension products in the industry. Keep reading to find out what we like so much about the company.

About AccuAir

AccuAir has been a game-changer since its debut in 2001. The company has offered customers some of the most advanced air suspension components and systems for over two decades now. In just the last decade, AccuAir technology has been installed and tested on more than 40,000 vehicles. 

Every component AccuAir sells is among the best in its class, but its air management systems are a big part of why the company has earned such a strong reputation. AccuAir controllers are among the most accurate in the world, offering an unparalleled amount of control and performance.

AccuAir: Types of Air Suspension Products

While its controllers are what has brought the company its fame, AccuAir offers a wide range of suspension systems and individual components. Each of these is made to the same standards people have come to love from the provider.

Air Struts

When it comes to air suspensions, it’s the air struts that do the heavy lifting — literally. Struts support the weight of your vehicle and keep it from sitting down on the wheels. They also absorb shock from the road, keeping it from being transferred to the body of the vehicle.

AccuAir air struts are not a one-to-one replacement for your factory air springs; they’re actually far superior. Made from premium alloys and designed for peak performance and control, these air struts are a serious upgrade from your current ones.

Air Suspension Tanks

It’s easy to forget about the air tank in your suspension system, but you shouldn’t. They do the important job of taking in, holding, and releasing the pressurized air used to inflate your suspension.

Like its air struts, AccuAir has overbuilt these tanks. Made with top-shelf materials, they are some of the most durable and dependable air suspension tanks available.

Air Management & Control Systems

If AccuAir is known for any one thing in particular, it’s the company’s air management and control systems. And it’s not hard to see why. 

AccuAir offers some of the most advanced technology on the market for controlling your air suspension. With both wired and wireless controllers, the company offers several high-quality options that give drivers an unprecedented amount of control over their ride settings.

Air Suspension Kits

For people looking to upgrade their entire systems, AccuAir offers full air suspension replacement kits. These kits are exactly what they sound like: everything you need to upgrade to a completely new system. 

The company’s kits feature all of its high-quality products bundled together. This allows you to install the company’s world-famous management systems into your vehicle along with a brand new, top-of-the-line suspension.

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AccuAir Product Lines

Different drivers have different needs, which is why AccuAir offers several different lines of products. Each line has its own distinct features, giving car owners plenty of choice over how they want to manage their suspension systems.


The e+Connect line is AccuAir’s most popular line of controllers. These controllers are completely wireless, using a Bluetooth module to connect your suspension to the AccuAir e+ app on your phone.

This app allows you to make incremental adjustments to your air suspension. You can also set three different presets for different drivers or different situations. Drivers can also see live diagnostics about their suspension while using the app. 


For drivers who want to be able to adjust their ride to a specific height, there is AccuAir’s Height+ TruPosition sensor system. This system provides a precise reading of your vehicle’s height at each wheel, allowing you to make accurate adjustments, either manually or automatically.

The Height+ sensors integrate seamlessly into the e+Connect system. This means you’ll get accurate ride height readouts delivered to your phone, allowing you to monitor your suspension in real time. 


AccuAir’s Pressure+ sensors let you monitor your ride from a different perspective. As an alternative to taking ride height readings, these sensors measure the pressure in your air springs. This system is similar in function, but significantly cheaper and easier to install than height-based sensors.

Like the Height+ system, Pressure+ sensors integrate into your larger e+Connect system. This means you can still use the app to adjust air pressure and establish presets. 


The e-Level+ kit is designed to make your suspension system work for you automatically. It works together with other components like the Height+ sensors to monitor your ride and adjust it as needed. The result is a smooth ride you don’t have to do anything for.

Like other products, you can use the e+ app to monitor feedback. You’ll still be able to make manual adjustments with e-Level+ installed, whether manually or via presets.

VU4 Manifold

Your air suspension manifold is what allows the system to send air where it needs to go. The VU4 manifold series from AccuAir allows you to do that as well as any other system on the market. 

Employing high-quality solenoids, this 4-corner manifold delivers consistent, precise results even after years of usage. The VU4 has also been designed to allow for a simple, quick plug-and-play installation, meaning you don’t have to fork out a ton of money or take a lot of time to add it to your vehicle. 


Not everyone likes fumbling with their phone while in the driver’s seat. AccuAir’s Touchpad+ is for people who want the control offered by digital solutions but still love the feel of real buttons.

These wired controllers still offer the same range and level of functionality as their app-based counterparts, but you don’t need your phone to use it. They also feature a magnetic frame for easy mounting and a heavy duty cable that resists being bent or damaged. 

Air Suspension Packages

Once you see everything all of AccuAir’s products allow you to do, it makes sense to consider purchasing an entirely new air suspension system from the company. Doing so ensures that all of your components are up to AccuAir’s rigorous quality standards.

These packages come in three different tiers:

  • Starter: AccuAir’s starter packages come with everything you need to install a baseline air suspension and management system on your vehicle. They come with all the parts and hardware to upgrade your suspension and connect to the e+ app.
  • Premium: These packages come with everything included in the starter packages and also includes the Height+ sensor package. This allows you to make more accurate adjustments and enables the system to adjust automatically through e-Level+.
  • Ultimate: The ultimate package includes everything in the AccuAir lineup that you could possibly need to install an absolute top-of-the line air suspension system in your vehicle. In addition to everything in the Premium package, it also includes a Touchpad+ to give you more control options.

Jeep Suspension Package

The name Jeep is synonymous with off-roading, so it makes sense to give it a suspension worthy of such a reputation. AccuAir’s Jeep suspension packages come with everything you need to give your vehicle the performance and comfort boost that will take it to the next level.

These suspension kits include AccuAir’s full lineup of suspension components and controllers. That means you’ll be able to adjust your Jeep suspension to whatever settings you need, whether you’re on the road or off it. 

Ford Bronco Suspension Package

The mighty Bronco is such a legend in the U.S. that after several decades of being out of production, Ford brought it out of retirement in 2021. These new models offer the same rugged performance and styling of the original, much to the delight of 4x4 fanatics everywhere.

Now, AccuAir has produced a suspension upgrade that can add even more functionality to the new Ford Bronco. These kits utilize AccuAir’s entire lineup, allowing for wireless, app-based control of your upgraded Bronco suspension.

AccuAir: Always More to Come

Innovation has always been one of AccuAir’s hallmarks. As a result, the company is frequently adding to its industry-leading product lineup. Stay tuned to see what the minds at AccuAir come up with next.

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